NameSize (G)Min. working channelMax. needle lengthOther features
Medtronic Beacon™ FNF Pre-loaded needle19 g2.8 mm80 mmPreloaded with 2 gold fiducial markers
Medtronic Beacon™ FNF Pre-loaded needle22 g2.8 mm80 mmPreloaded with two gold fiducial markers
Boston Scientific Lumicoil22 g3.7 mm80 mmContains a straight 5 mm or a curved 10 mm platinum fiducial
Cook Echotip ultra ECHO-22-F22 g3.7 mm80 mmPreloaded needle with 5 mm gold fiducials
Steris Moray® microforceps19 g0.91 mm (19 g)230 cmMicroforceps for through the needle biopsy
MaunaKea Cellvizio PlatformNANANAPlatform for in vivo through the needle confocal laser endomicroscopy
MaunaKea Cellvizio AQ-FlexTM probe0.91 mm (19 g)0.91 mm (19 g)300 cmMultiuse probe for confocal laser endomicroscopy
MAVIG GmbHNANANAPlatform for ex vivo confocal laser endomicroscopy
VivaScope Systems
Cook EchoTip Insight™25 g2.8 mm80 mmFNA needle for direct measurement of portal pressure
Starmed VIVA combo RF GeneratorNANANAPlatform for EUS-guided radiofrequency ablation
Starmed EUSRA RF electrode 19-05E/07E/10E/15E/20E19 g2.3 mm80 mmNeedles for EUS-guided radiofrequency ablation
Cook Nester® Embolisation Coil19/22 gNANACoil for EUS-guided vascular embolisation
Endorotor® Console ERC 20-01NANANAPlatform for necrosectomy with Endorotor device
Endorotor® XT-Catheter8 g3.2 mm124/127 cmCatheter for direct endoscopic necrosectomy
Ovesco OTSG - XcavatorTM 14.7 mmNA1650 mmOver the scope grasper for necrosectomy
Endovang Necrolit®NA3.7 mmNACombined snare and basket for direct endoscopic necrosectomy