The EGEUS “European Group for Endoscopic UltraSonography” is an Association of National Clubs, Groups of Interest, Committees in the field of Endoscopic Ultrasound and/or individual members dedicated to EUS. It was founded in 2003 by the official representatives of the French Club of Endosonography (CFED, Club Français d’Echoendoscopie Digestive), the Italian Club of Endosonography (IEC), the Belgian Group of Digestive Endosonography (BDGES) and the Spanish AEG-EUS Interest Group (AEGuse).
Aims of the Association are to develop and spread the knowledge of the Endoscopic UltraSonography (EUS) and other associated endoscopic/ultrasonographic or gastroenterological techniques, to promote the education and training of doctors and nurses in endosonography and to promote basic and clinical research in the field of EUS.

Any National EUS Club or Group of Interest or Committee officially established in Europe or in the Mediterranean area and North Africa is eligible for Membership.

The Association accepts also individual membership by physicians (or trainees) who live and work in Countries where a national EUS Club or Group of interest or Committee is not officially established and also physicians (or trainees) who desire to apply as individual members even in the presence of an established EUS Group in their Country.

Individual membership is open to physicians (or trainees) with formal training in gastroenterology, surgery, internal medicine, endoscopy or radiology, who share the same aims, purposes and interests in the field of EUS as the EGEUS Association.


  • Individual members from Countries who do not have an established EUS Club, Group of Interest or Committee can group together with Countries having less than 30 national members in a mixed Group that must have 1 representative on the EGEUS Governing Board (1 Board member for each 30 EGEUS individual members enrolled)
  • Certificate of Membership
  • Communications and news about National and International EUS Congresses, Meetings or Courses and/or cooperative multicenter research or studies by means of the official EGEUS website or “ad hoc” Newsletters
  • Access to the members only area on the EGEUS website
  • Priority eligibility for possible EGEUS or National Clubs Grant Programme
  • Priority for receiving possible EUS educational materials produced by the EGEUS Group

EGEUS Individual Membership Application and fees:

The individual EGEUS Membership is at present free of charge.

If you are a physician with formal training (or a trainee) in gastroenterology, surgery, internal medicine, endoscopy or radiology you can apply for EGEUS Individual Membership.

In order to become an EGEUS Individual Member, you must fill in the following official application form and submit it to the EGEUS Secretary. Your application will be submitted to the EGEUS Governing Board for approval. In case of approval you will receive by e-mail an official reply and your personal EGEUS login code for the Members Only area on the EGEUS website.

You can complete the application form and submit it in electronic format on the EGEUS website or you can download and print the PDF format of the application form, fill in it and send it by post or fax to the EGEUS Secretary together with the other requested documents

Requested documents:

1. Curriculum vitae with publications at the foot of the CV
2. Certification of your affiliation to the national scientific Societies (if any)
3. Signed email permission (printed and signed only if not submitted in electronic form)

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